Breaking Down Linguistic
and Cultural Barriers
Between Japan and the World

Forecross is an experienced provider of subtitling, dubbing and translation services. We work with content including theatrically released films, television programs, and series streaming on platforms such as Netflix and Amazon, as well as games, apps and corporate videos.

For many years, we have provided localizations of regularly scheduled programs for Japan’s national broadcaster, NHK, and have been commended for the quality of our work. Our carefully selected network of several hundred registered professional translators, combined with our ability to cast popular voice actors and our tie-ups with post-production studios, enables us to provide high-quality subtitling and dubbing services at reasonable prices.

We apply the same high standards when we localize Japanese content into other languages, a service that is increasingly in demand in recent years. We conduct careful native checks to ensure that the unique nuances of each Japanese word are accurately recreated in the target language. Our services are available in 33 languages.

We also provide production services for home shopping programs and other promotional videos, beginning at the planning and filming stages. By utilizing the public relations know-how we have built up through many years of experience, we have successfully promoted numerous hit products. We can produce promotional materials not only for the Japanese market, but also for international markets.

Based on the materials you provide, your budget and your schedule, we will come up with an efficient proposal for your project.
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Platforms that use our translations

Broadcast NHK General TV, NHK Educational TV, NHK BS, Fuji TV, BS11, Channel Ginga, AXN etc.
Streaming Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, Hulu, Niconico, YouTube etc.
Games Social games, apps etc. (numerous English, Chinese and Korean titles)

Major clients

NHK Global Media Services, Fuji Television Network, Fuji Creative Corporation, TV TOKYO Corporation, AX-ON, Pony Canyon, DLE, THE KLOCKWORX, Asmik Ace, Jupiter Telecommunications, ADK Creative One, Hachette Collections Japan

Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism; Tokyo Metropolitan Government Bureau of General Affairs; National Police Agency; Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Japan

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